15 Of The Most Heartbreaking Returns Retail Workers Have Ever Processed

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With Black Friday come and gone, the holiday shopping season is officially underway.

But as the last gifts are opened underneath the Christmas tree, many will be tasked with doing those dreaded post-holiday returns. Perhaps your new pants were the wrong size, or your parents gave you a coffee maker you already have. However, not every gift return is so simple.

In the blink of an eye, life can change and suddenly those beautiful gifts and big purchases serve as reminders of terrible loss. One Redditor asked people working in retail to talk about the saddest returns they’ve ever processed. Their responses will break your heart.

1. “A man returned a Christmas tree one year. He was pretty bummed out and when I asked him about it he told me that he was supposed to have visitation this Christmas but his ex refused to let him see his kids.”

(via Reddit / duckyblinders)

2. “Customers regularly come in with large amounts of baby supplies returns. They get the wrong gender items or duplicates.”

(via Reddit / River0508)

“An older woman came in with a cart load, so I asked about the new baby. She slowly and through tears explained that her only child and grandbaby had died during childbirth.”

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