21 Idiots Who Need To Work Out Their Brain More Than Their Muscles. Ouch.

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Forcing yourself to work out or go to the gym can be rough. Why would they make couches so comfortable if we weren’t supposed to sit on them watching TV all day? It’s a real struggle.

Staying home is alluring, sure, there are other reasons not to work out. Getting sweaty in a room full of strangers can feel awkward. You also have to wear goofy gym clothes when you work out, too. Regardless of how stupid you think you’ll look, you can at least make sure you never look this dumb. Wow.

1.) They would see the irony if they weren’t so distracted by the TV.

2.) This is not how you feel the burn.

3.) I guess it’s cheaper than most cable bills.

4.) Don’t overwhelm yourself if you can’t balance it out.

5.) I think the only result you’ll get from this method is sea sickness.

6.) Someone needs to direct this guy to the weights section.

7.) This gym likes to send a mixed message.

8.) OK Go ruined treadmills for everyone.

9.) I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how these are supposed to be used.

10.) Almost…almost…ouch.

11.) How to turn yourself into a pretzel.

12.) At least he wasn’t going commando.

13.) I don’t think either of these people are sober.

14.) Don’t try something new before you’ve learned the basics.

15.) If only he’d stuck the landing.

16.) This is gonna leave a mark.

17.) I’m honestly just impressed with this one.

18.) The opposite of Tarzan.

19.) Be sure you have a gym buddy with his priorities in order.

20.) The baby is NOT okay with this.

21.) He was too mesmerized by his own gun show.

(via eBaum’s World.)

Now you can hit the gym without any fear! Unless you’re one of these people, in which case you should probably rest up.

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