8 Dogs Who Love Going Above and Beyond Basic Fetch. Good Boys.

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Dogs and fetch go together like, well, dogs and fetch. If you throw something in the vicinity of a dog, there’s a good chance that the object will be returned to you with a wagging tale and a bit more drool than when you first had it. And now you’re locked into a game of fetch.

Fetch is a great way to get some exercise for you and your pooch.

We have lift-off!

Some dogs are more naturally inclined to playing fetch, such as retrievers (they retrieve, get it?), but all pooches enjoy a good romp and the challenge of chasing down that pesky ball or Frisbee. While a stick is the classic fetch toy, vets warn that sticks can actually be dangerous for dogs, and suggest using a plastic or rubber toy instead. 

There are some dogs, though, take the classic game of fetch to a whole ‘nother level. These canine athletes up the ante by what they fetch, how they fetch and where they fetch. Check out our adorable collection of fetching dogs. It’s enough to make you want to start throwing things.

Blanket fetch

Who says dogs can’t multitask? This Corgi, named Yuki, has learned to manage the game of fetch all while hanging onto his security blankie.

Fetch training

Dogs know it’s important to train their humans from a young age so that they may develop healthy social habits.

Humanless fetch

Thanks to gadgets like the iFetch, dogs don’t even need a human for fetch. (Okay, they need a human to buy the iFetch.) The dog can learn to load a ball into the device’s funnel, and then iFetch shoots it across the room for hours of fun. Still, we recommend human-dog interaction as the ideal.

As you can see, this little weenie is a fan.

More humanless fetch

If you don’t want to shell out for a gadget, a staircase will do. This pup has figured out how to use gravity to its advantage for endless fun.

Tire fetch

When Frisbees and balls just didn’t cut it, this pooch (and its human) reclaimed an old tire for some heavy lifting fetch. Plus the dog gets to be a donut head on the way back, which is awesome. We don’t recommend trying this with Chihuahuas, though.

Cat fetch

The next step up from tires is a living fetchable object. Plus it doubles as a way to get your cat inside.

Wheelchair Fetch

You don’t need four legs to effectively play fetch. These pooches may be paralyzed, but that doesn’t stop them.


Not everyone is the athletic type.

The next time you’re out with the dog, see if you and your canine pal can top these epic examples of creative fetch. 

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