A Photographer Handed His Friends A Glass Of Wine (And This Is What Happened)

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Marcos Alberti has been studying art since 1990, but a recent project’s focus has given him some Internet fame: wine.

The Wine Project began as a happy hour game between friends. They would all meet up after a hard day’s work, then Marcos would photograph his friends after they drank one, two, and three glasses of wine. He’d take the first photo as soon as they got to the studio, that way the stress of the commute and the workday was still on their faces.

As the pictures reveal, though, once glass #2 starts to hit…things get a little more fun.

It’s fascinating to see how each person reacted to alcohol.

Some of his friends became positively giddy.

Or downright silly.

Whereas others just loosened up.

By the end of the session, almost every participant had a smile on their face.

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Our lives shouldn’t make us so tense.

Instead, we should find ways to be relaxed and happy!

Relying on alcohol is never the solution to finding happiness…

But it is sweet to see so many people let go of their stress for a moment.

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…although, I guess there are some people that can hold their liquor well.

You can find more of Marcos’s work on both Facebook and Instagram.

Or, if you’d like to see his online portfolio, you can visit his website. Although the Wine Project is fun, Marcos has a lot of other fantastic work in both photography and film.

Now, time to recreate this experiment…

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