An 8 Year-Old Boy Completed A Triathlon And Brought His Brother Along.

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When 8-year-old Noah wanted to participate in his hometown’s mini-triathlon for kids, he didn’t want to cross the starting line without his best friend and brother, 6-year-old Lucas. The duo does everything together, so it only made sense to Noah that this should be no different. Unfortunately, Lucas was born with lissencephaly, a rare genetic condition that leaves him unable to walk, talk, or eat on his own.

But that didn’t stop Noah from bringing Lucas along for the ride. The young athlete spoke to the local news about why he wanted his little brother along for the ride, explaining, “When I play sports he has to just watch. I just want to finish with Lucas.” Triathlons are a daunting task for even fully grown adult, but Noah didn’t let that deter him and the brothers finished the race in just under an hour. Together.

Noah pushed Lucas through the 1 mile run…

…pulled him along on the 3 mile bike ride…

…and swam across the finish line with Lucas in tow.

(via Huffington Post.) Noah and his family are working to create Lucas House, a non-profit charity for others children like Lucas. You can find more information on their Facebook. In the meantime, Noah plans to keep filling Lucas’ life with as much fun and love as possible. No doubt about it, this is the world’s best big brother. Share this heartwarming story with your friends using the link below.

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