Circular Foods Are The Absolute Best Foods And This Is Proof

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All the greatest food is circular, and making food into a circle makes it better. This is goddamn scientific.

1. Pancakes, doused in syrup? Circles.

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2. Or you wanna talk about crêpes? Circles too.

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3. Meat tastes better when it’s mashed into a damn circle.

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4. Meatballs are circles.

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5. Potato Smiles look exactly like your childhood, and lo and behold, CIRCLES.

6. Party rings? Jammy dodgers? All circles.

7. The best bits of sushi are the circular bits.

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8. And Dim Sum is circles on cicles.

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9. You know what else comes in a circle? Cheese. Cheese comes in a circle.

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10. Sure, not all cheese is circular, but motherfucking Camembert is, and that is a great cheese.

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11. And mozzarella comes in circles. It might not be the first cheese you think of, but it’s so important.

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12. Because you put it on pizza, and yeah, pizza is a fucking circle too.

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13. And everyone knows the best pizza is pepperoni pizza. Which is more circles. THIS SHIT IS RECURSIVE.

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14. Other meats might not start off circular, but slice them up, and you get a circle.

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15. When you have an egg, it’s all about the yolk. And there you go, circle.

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16. Scotch eggs should be oviod, really, but they get turned into circles, and then they get brilliant. Proves food is better as a circle.

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17. Cookies are circular.

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18. Lovely scones? Circles, the lot of them.

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19. Pies are round, and pies are awesome. They’re circular with fruit in.

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20. Or you can put meat in them like an adult, and hell yeah that’s still a circle.

21. Yorkshire puddings are the greatest gift the earth has ever recieved, and they are circles.

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22. Doughnuts? Doughnuts are circles, so Homer is on our side here.

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23. Tortillas are straight-up circles, and they get made into burritos, the best of foods.

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24. And then when you cut them in half, MORE CIRCLES.

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25. What about the healthy shit? Pinapple? Circle.

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26. Think about how lovely and refreshing an orange can taste, and then think about how it’s a circle.

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27. Circular, again.

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28. Watermelon is a great fucking fruit, and boom, circle.

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29. What are you going to put in your Mojito if not a lime, and oh, there’s another circle.

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30. Clean, pure coconut? Clean, pure CIRCLE.

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31. Sure you can make cakes in a rectangle, but everyone knows that’s bullshit, and circular cakes are the way.

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32. Delicate, delicious little fucking cupcakes too, they’re circles.

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33. Look at all these circular grapes. This makes WINE. And wine is really, really good.

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34. Ever wonder why falafel is so good despite being from rubbish seeds or whatever? MAYBE IT’S CAUSE THEY’RE MADE INTO CIRCLES.

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35. This is a Galette. You might not know what it is, but damn, you know it’s gonna taste nice ‘cause it’s a CIRCLE.

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In conclusion, circles are the future of food.

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