Democratic Arizona Governor’s Candidate Had His Driver’s License Suspended This Year

Duval in 2013. Fred Duval 2014 Campaign Facebook

Fred Duval, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Arizona had a suspended driver’s license in 2014 for several months following a string a traffic violations.

A search of Arizona’s public court records shows Duval had a number of traffic tickets over the past few years. A form Duval filed to have his license reinstated in October showed he checked “yes” when asked if his license is currently suspended.

A spokesman for Duval’s campaign told BuzzFeed News that Duval paid a fine and went to traffic school in response to the tickets, but failed to pay a small fee leading to the license suspension.

The license suspension lasted from mid-June to September, according to the campaign spokesman.

A campaign aide for Duval likewise pointed to an Arizona Republic article noting Duval’s Republican gubernatorial opponent Doug Ducey had 13 traffic citations over a four-year period. Ducey did not receive a license suspension.

The Arizona Republic reported Monday that Duval’s campaign admitted he drove while his license was suspended.

Here’s the form Duval filed in October to get his license reinstated:

Arizona Public Records

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