Do Any Of These Starbucks Items Look Good To You? Too Bad. You Can’t Get Them In The U.S.

When you decide to drop your defenses and give in to the wiles of the green siren of Starbucks, there are a couple of menu items to fall back on. Starbucks has a lot of options, and sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know. However, before you settle into your caffeine rut, you should expand your Starbucks horizons a bit.

Our U.S. readers are probably in sync when it comes to the S’bucks menu, seasonal items and all. But in other countries, Starbucks tailors its menus to suit the local culinary traditions. This is why we get Oprah Chai and they get, well…take a look:

1.) Red Bean Frappuccino – Asia

Red beans are used throughout Asia in desserts like cakes and ice cream, so the frappuccino is the next logical step.

2.) Alarrobina Frappuccino – Peru

This popular syrup is made from the black carob tree, and can be found on Peruvian frapps.

3.) Lemon Cheesecake – India

The Lemon Jazz Cheesecake is popular in India, and other flavors like blueberry and chocolate can be found in other locations.

4.) Chocolate Star Cake – Ireland

This is chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate ganache, topped with white chocolate stars. We think this needs to be made an international staple, like, now.

5.) Spam and Eggs on a Bagel – Philippines

Spam is a delicacy in the Philippines, so naturally Starbucks is all over it. This comes like a breakfast sandwich with cheddar cheese and eggs.

6.) Lúcuma Frappuccino – Peru

The lúcuma is a sweet fruit like a mango that’s native to Peru, and Starbucks branches adapted it into a creamy frappuccino.

7.) Coconut Pandan Roll – Thailand

It’s like a Swiss Roll’s brighter, more awesome cousin.

8.) Coffee Jelly Frappuccino – Asia Pacific and Japan

Similar to the popular bubble tea, this beverage comes with cubes of jelly that are made from brewed coffee.

9.) Pancakes – U.K. and Scandinavia

The pancakes available on these menus are billed as “American style,” which is curious because Starbucks in the U.S. don’t offer them. I guess they figure people stateside can just make their own.

10.) Yogurt Frappuccino – U.K. and Greece

Greek yogurt gives these frapps a tangy kick.

11.) Via Cake – various locations

This cake pops up in a few places, and is made using Starbucks’ Via instant coffee. This photo comes to us from Thailand.

12.) Peanut Butter Panini – Indonesia

Peanut butter and condensed milk on panini bread. We hope you have something to wash that down.

13.) Charcoal Walnut Raisin Bun – Thailand

This savory bun comes in an interesting color thanks to the charcoal (which yes, in this amount, you can eat).

14.) Summer Jelly Iced Coffee – Japan

This to-go iced coffee comes with a grapefruit-flavored jelly mixed in.

15.) The “Mystical Sandwich” – Turkey

Known locally as the Mistik Sandviç, it seems to involve white cheese and tomatoes.

I’m thinking we might need to petition to get some of these in the States. Especially that chocolate star cake! I could go for one of those right now.

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