Fighter Jet Fuel Tanks Were Dumped On Vietnam Farmers 40 Years Ago. Wait Til You See What They Did.

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During a war, more than just the politicians and soldiers are affected by the fighting. Take these farmers in South Vietnam, for example. During the Vietnam war, fighter jets would be constantly flying over the countryside. Military tactical jet planes rely on the JP-8 fuel that’s loaded into external fuel tanks, but once that fuel is used, they are jettisoned to reduce overall weight of the plane.

Hopefully none of the empty tanks hit innocent people or their property… but where did those fuel tanks go?

The large fuel tanks were dumped onto the countryside by USAF jets so that they could maneuver better, protecting the pilots.

Those fuel tanks scattered throughout the country were eventually recovered and repurposed.

The citizens of Vietnam transformed them into makeshift canoes.

To our surprise, they seem to be perfectly suited for water travel.

Luckily these citizens were able to use the cast-off fuel tanks once the Vietnam war was over and they weren’t just littering their countryside.


Just imagine looking up and seeing a giant fuel tank speeding towards your head. I doubt they were thinking “CANOE!” but when life hands you lemons…make a canoe.

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