Gutfeld slams Reid: ‘Definition of insanity is expecting sanity from Reid’

Amen! As Twitchy reported, Sen. Harry Reid sunk to a new low (hard to believe) yesterday, when he danced on the backs of seven dead Marines by blaming their deaths on the sequester.

@greggutfeld Sen. Harry Reid once again proving that there’s no answer to the question “How low can you go?”

— James DeAcutis (@jdeacutis) March 20, 2013

Democrats seem angrier at Reid preventing vote on Sen Feinstein’s doomed gun bill rather than blaming training deaths on sequester #TheFive

— Nitish Singh (@IamNitishSingh) March 20, 2013

Greg Gutfeld gave the senator the business on “the Five,” and he was in epic form.

LOL @greggutfeld “The definition of insanity is expecting sanity from Harry Reid….BTW…He has the voice of horse lubricant.” #TheFive

— Leslie Dowd (@LADowd) March 20, 2013

Gutfeld: “Harry Reid has the voice of horse lubricant”#thefive

— Kathi(@14Kathi) March 20, 2013

@greggutfeld is on fire! The def. of insanity is to expect sanity from Harry Reid. And my fave, Harry Reid’s voice is like horse lubricant.

— Lizzy Lou Who (@_wintergirl93) March 20, 2013

Good. Means I’m not crazy. RT @talkradio200: “The definition of insanity is expecting sanity from Harry Reid.” ~ @greggutfeld #TheFive

— Lucas Mackey (@LucasMackey) March 20, 2013

And an exit question for the Left.

How bad must all the other Dem Senators be if Reid is the best they have to offer? #TheFive

— Rounds (@RoundsR) March 20, 2013


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