He Was Taking Photos Of A Glacier In Antarctica When Suddenly, Out Of Nowhere… WHOA!

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A photographer was attempting to take a picture of a beautiful glacier in Neko Harbor, Antarctica, when he was interrupted by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That opportunity had two little wings, an adorable waddle and the desire to be an internet sensation. Meet the Neko Harbor penguins.

The penguins spotted him from a distance.

But they didn’t run away.

Instead? They came in closer for a little visit.

“I’m ready for my close-up!”

Who knew penguins could be so photogenic?

These little guys in particular are Gentoo penguins.

They are native to Antarctica and the surrounding areas.

They can be easily identified by the white “bonnet” that goes across their head…

And their adorableness.

Source: Reddit The Gentoo penguin has many predators in the water, such as  sea lions, leopard seals and orca. On land, they have no predators… making them eager to pose for photo shoots when they see passing photographers. What an incredible experience in the wilds of Antarctica… share it!

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