Here Are 22 Animals That Forgot They’re Actually Animals. I Cracked Up So Hard, LOL!

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Animals can make life worth living. They are happy little creatures that will love you no matter what. They don’t want to ruin your day and they absolutely will not read into the way you say “Hey” to them at dinner. Basically, they can just be nicer than people are. Animals were put on this Earth to make our lives better. Even though they’re not people, they can act like it sometimes (but only in the best ways). When they do, it’s basically the best thing ever.

1.) Yes? HELLO? This is dog.

2.) Ahhh, being a cat is such a rough life.

3.) Sigh, it’s ruff hour, isn’t it?

4.) Even dogs have bad days.

5.) This is going to be the BEST HOLE EVER.

6.) You can’t dispute this cute.

7.) How many kitties did it take to screw in a light bulb?

8.) (Psst, he had a ruff day.)

9.) The long rides are the worst, am I right???

10.) Gotta give your plants a nice looooong drink.

11.) Ah, I see the purr-oblem here.

12.) Surf’s up, guys!

13.) Oh great, more cat pictures…

14.) The sloth: the number 1 abuser of the hall pass.

15.) Time to watch Real Mousewives of Beverly Hills.

16.) You don’t want to give this prickly guy road rage.

17.) SUP?

18.) Weeee!

19.) It’s difficult to invest in a bear market.

20.) You gotta problem, kid?

21.) All of the cool kids wanted to be fast like Sonic!

22.) Even in his prime, this boxer knew the importance of recovery nights.

(H/T Bored Panda) How much better would your life be if you got to work with these awesome animals every day instead of people? (The answer is a lot better.) Make other people’s days better by sharing these animals.

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