Here’s The Most Terrifying School On The Planet. Seriously, Nightmares Are Made Of This.

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It looks like the Val Benoit University in Belgium has been abandoned for decades. Every inch of the large campus is decaying and looks completely devoid of life. The strange thing is, the campus was bustling and full of students until 2005. Without its vibrant students, this school crumbled to pieces.

Every inch of the campus is covered in decay.

Without its students, the school looks so disturbing.

The Belgian school thrived for nearly 75 years.

Now, it’s just a shadow of its former self.

The school was only abandoned in 2005, even though it appears that it has been vacant for much longer.

You can still feel the energy of its former students.

There’s something terrifying but also fascinating about abandoned places – especially those that were once filled with life. Source Share this abandoned school with others.

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