His Daughter Was Participating In Her Normal Ballet Class, But Today, Dad Joined In!

These dads are used to taking their daughters to dance class, but this Valentine’s Day, they decided to bust out their ballet shoes.

As part of their Valentine’s week festivities, the Philadelphia Dance Center invited all the dance moms and dads to join in on their kids’ classes. While the moms were invited to show off their hip-hop moves, the dads were asked to participate in a more traditional ballet session. And while these dads might not be stealing the show anytime soon, with a few more lessons, they might just be on track to be the next great names in the world of dance.

They’re clearly on pointe, if you will. (Okay, not quite.)

They may not be the most graceful of dancers, but these dads are pirouetting right into their daughters’ hearts.

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What great fathers!

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