I Try Not To Be Superficial, But I Can’t Help It… Everything About This House Is Perfection.

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Even if you’re completely content with where you live right now, this dream home that a Reddit user linked to will make you green with envy. Or possibly green with all of the money you’re going to attempt to withdraw to buy this place, because, WOW. Not only is it secluded, modern and beautiful… it’s in a mountain range that is too gorgeous for words.

This is the dream house you didn’t even know you wanted.

It’s all open concept.

Filled with windows that let you take in the gorgeous mountain scenery.

Don’t worry about curtains, you don’t have any neighbors, anyway.

Even these stairs look gorgeous.

Dinner parties in this house could be taken to a whole new level.

Then again, even reading would be taken to a whole new level in this place.

Taking a bath is a whole new, divine experience.

Every nook and cranny of the house has an amazing view.

And each bedroom is a masterpiece.

It would be so hard to have a bad day in this house.

Well, MY self-worth just went down the toilet.


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