If You Love Breakfast, You’ll Cringe At These 24 Astounding Breakfast Failures

In addition to being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is absolutely delicious.

Call me crazy, but I’ll take bacon and eggs over almost any other dish. Some people just can’t get it together in the morning, though. If you’re just not a morning person or you struggle with cooking no matter what time of day it is, you’ll be able to relate to these hilarious breakfast fails.

From exploding eggs to major spills, we’ve rounded up some of the most unfortunate things ever to happen to breakfast.

1. Burnt to an absolute crisp. Lobbing these at someone’s head could do some serious damage.

2. Oatmeal already looks kind of gross without adding this garbage to the equation.

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3. These eggs look like they’re vomiting. Probably a safe bet that you would be, too, if you ate them.

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5. Putting it in a bowl makes a smoothie seem 100 percent weirder and 100 percent more disgusting.

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7. That was the day the blender gave up and died.

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11. You know it’s bad when you even manage to burn the Pop-Tarts.

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12. By the time she’s done peeling, there’ll be no egg left.

Twitter / @KimMkcla

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13. Here’s one way not to make waffles. How do you screw up waffles

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14. Don’t reheat your hard-boiled eggs in the microwave unless you’re ready for an eggsplosion.

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18. No, that’s not blood. It’s just that the cranberry juice and the milk carton looked a little too similar.

Twitter / @killianmaher

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19. This is what happens when your eyes are too big for your stomach…and your bowl.

Twitter / @millsnBOOM

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21. This is what happens when you think you don’t have to read the instructions.

Twitter / @NickMonteRadio

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24. Just leave it on the floor and go to work. Better luck next time.

Twitter / @AliceRook

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