Imagine Looking Up At The Sky And Seeing This Coming At You. That’s What Happened To These People.

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Check out these amazing (and somewhat scary) photos of storms from all over the world. I don’t know about you, but if I were to experience some of those lightening storms first hand I’d be cowering under a desk while sobbing like a baby, thinking the apocalypse had arrived.

Storm rains over Brighton, Colorado.

Storm approaching in Cape York, Australia.

Stunning lightning storm over Texas.

Storm appears to be filling a bowl at the National Congress of Brazil.

Thousands of orange helium balloons released in celebration at the start of the new NFL season before a Broncos game. Denver, Colorado.

Storm in Minnesota, 5 miles from the Canadian border.

Storm over a farm in Strohgaeu, Germany.

White shelf cloud caps a dust storm over the ocean near Onslow, Australia.

Lightning strikes during a storm in Golden, Colorado.

A beautiful lightning storm caught at the right moment.

Storm approaching from behind in Norfolk, Virginia. Amazing contrast between the car mirror and the sky ahead.

Lightning storm over the Grand Canyon.

Storm over Devil’s Tower national monument, Wyoming.

Storm and sunset in Nebraska.

Clouds build up over the Victoria harbor before a storm in Hong Kong.

Massive storm approaching Brisbane, Australia.

Storm passes over rural Indiana.

Volcano eruption and lightning storm in Kyushu, Japan.

Lightning storm causes fire around Wenatchee, Washington.

Looking at some of those pictures I wanted to give Will Smith a call and let him know the aliens had returned.

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