Kids At This Camp Find Friends And Healing After Suffering An Unimaginable Loss

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We often tell someone during the grieving process that we know how they feel, but at this camp, it’s actually true.

Since 9/11 nearly 5,000 kids have lost a parent due to war. Dealing with loss and feelings of grief is hard enough as an adult, but it can be even more difficult for children. Many of these kids feel that no one in their everyday lives can truly understand the struggles they are going through.

One camp in Wisconsin is trying to change that.

Located just outside of Milwaukee, there is a children’s camp dedicated to the children of fallen American heroes. Camp Hometown Heroes offers the same recreational activities that other summer camps do, but it also serves as a way for kids to be surrounded by peers who’ve gone through the same hardships they have.

It’s amazing that one place can bring together so many who have suffered from tragedy.

I can’t even begin to fathom the loss that these kids have gone through, but I’m glad there’s a place that they can go and just be kids and release their emotional tensions, even if only for the summer.

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