Media enable Plouffe’s Libya lies: ‘No intel failure’ as Obama canoodled

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And lie, he did!

Obama adviser David Plouffe made the Sunday show spin rounds again today and continued his record of utter failure filled with lies. As the wheels continue to come off the Obama administration’s story about the terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Plouffe was sent out to “Meet the Press” and “This Week” to try to spin it all away. And failed, miserably.

Plouffe says 47 percent video and Romney's original Libya reaction raise questions about whether he can be trusted. #MTP

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) September 30, 2012

Blame Romney! Drink! Plouffe is parroting lapdog media narrative: It’s all about Romney’s statements, not what actually happened on Obama’s watch. See, Romney can’t be trusted. All the lies coming out from Obama and his administration? Nothing to see here, move along. Lies are totally trust-worthy.

He then goes to blather about “intel community.”

Plouffe says on #mtp, WH's init reax on Libya attack was based on info from intel community. Says "intel community" a lot on #mtp

— Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) September 30, 2012

On Libya, Plouffe won't blame intelligence failures for attack or slow response. Says it took awhile to confirm terrorism drove 9/11 attack

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) September 30, 2012

Oh, really? Twitter users who are willing to do the job that the lapdogs won’t, have something to say about that. Remember, it’s already been reported that intelligence agencies knew it was a terrorist attack within hours, if not before.

@GarrettNBCNews Plouffe is a classic political slime that is so hard to take seriously. He's a disgrace.

— Denis Gallagher (@STBusman) September 30, 2012

shorter plouffe: we decided to lie and blame the video on the benghazi attack until @jaketapper reported otherwise…

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) September 30, 2012

With David Plouffe saying that Libya was not an intelligence failure, obvious question: Did intel warn about possible LIbya attack?

— Stephen Hayes (@stephenfhayes) September 30, 2012

Obvious question, if one actually wants answers. The lapdogs do not, as they are afraid the answers will expose President Obama for the abject failure that he is.

Plouffe repeats Axelrod that Rice was going on intelligence avail at time. Wrong. Not what intelligence officials say.

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) September 30, 2012

@chucktodd If media cared one whit about being honest they would actually call Plouffe out in this. No one in the "intel comm" said that.

— Benjamin P. Glaser (@BenjaminPGlaser) September 30, 2012

Bingo. Yet, disgustingly, members of the media believe wanting answers is politicizing. And probably racist.

Plouffe says Libya consulate attack was not an intelligence failure. Conservatives will likely leap on this interview for timeline questions

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) September 30, 2012

Expect the GOP to seize on Plouffe's Libya comments as Republicans look to undermine Obama on national security pre-debate

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) September 30, 2012

How dare you wingnutty nuts with wings “leap” on lies coming out of the mouths of members of Team Obama? Worse, “undermine” President Obama on national security with pesky things like facts! Unreal. As Ace of Spades said, this is no longer just bias. It’s an advocacy press.

Plouffe then went on to disgracefully excuse Obama’s canoodling after a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, and as more embassies were under attack.

Gregory: Was it inappropriate for Obama to go to a fundraiser in Vegas knowing it was a terrorist attack. Plouffe: No.

— Tim Miller (@Timodc) September 30, 2012

Plouffe says optics are great for #Obama to jet to Vegas as #AmbStevens is assassinated. He's a 24-7 pres & has a phone. #MTP

— Vern Demerest (@TxAv8r) September 30, 2012

VIDEO: Plouffe is fine with Obama fundraising the day after a terrorist attack

— Joe Pounder (@PounderFile) September 30, 2012

David Plouffe said it wasn't inappropriate to campaign in Vegas ONE DAY after a terrorist attack on our embassy.Shows how classless they are

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) September 30, 2012

The Obama administration continues to demonstrate they're not only completely incompetent but they have a complete disregard for human life.

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) September 30, 2012

He also shamefully condoned the snubbing of world leaders. For fundraising. The reason? Yet again, #Obamaphone! Whatever, people. He can totally phone it in. He’s super serious, y’all.

Plouffe on #MTP re: snubbing world leaders… "President is 24/7". He has to be. Beyonce & Jay Z keep late hours!

— PittsburghEd (@pittsburghed) September 30, 2012

Gregory asks if President Obama not meeting w/ world leaders at UN was a mistake. Plouffe says Obama is in "constant contact" w/ leaders

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) September 30, 2012

On Meet the Press Plouffe says Obama is Pres. and on call 24/7. Apparently he doesn't always answer the phone though.

— Mike Werner (@mwerner89) September 30, 2012

Shorter Plouffe: #ObamaPhone!!!! #MTP

— Bob ن (@BobHicks_) September 30, 2012

shorter Plouffe: I'm sorry an Ambassador is dead, but we have an election to win, George. #thisweek

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) September 30, 2012

And in a sign that Team Obama is truly scrambling, he praised lying liar who lies Ambassador Rice. And then made the hilariously absurd claim that the media is eager to write a Romney come-back story. No, for reals!

RT @ThisWeekABC: David Plouffe: @AmbassadorRice has done a "terrific" job. #ThisWeek //#wtf

— Diana Lynn W. (@La_Diana) September 30, 2012

Plouffe: Media eager to write their "Romney comeback story."

— Jim Acosta (@JimAcostaCNN) September 30, 2012

Our aching sides! Even more giggle-snorty: Los Angeles Times reporter Maeve Reston seems to agree.

No one can argue we don't like a good race RT @GarrettNBCNews Plouffe says he knows reporters will be anxious to write Romney comeback story

— Maeve Reston (@MaeveReston) September 30, 2012

Twitter users sum up Plouffe’s, and members of the media who are enabling him, facepalm-y fail.

Wow, David Gregory is really grilling David Plouffe on #MTP #NOT

— Randy Spangler (@RandySpangler) September 30, 2012

Yeah George…don't ask Plouffe for any specifics on what he says, as you just did with everything Christie said. #ThisWeek #tcot

— Roderick Rideout (@rodrideout) September 30, 2012

Gregory plays hardball with Christie and serves up nothing but softballs to Plouffe. Truly amazing in a totally biased kind of way.

— Gadsden Group (@gadsden_group) September 30, 2012

So according to Plouffe no one in the WH knew Embassy attack was terrorism? Guess no one filled in on the daily intel briefings for Obama.

— Pol (@PointlessPol) September 30, 2012

The Plouffe, he doth protest too much.

— David Speier (@Waxmbordz) September 30, 2012

Where can I get a shot of what David Plouffe took before staggering onto #meetthepress ? Whoa. #crazy

— SFL Commissioner (@sflone) September 30, 2012

LOL RT @CFHeather: Plouffe does the same hand motions as Pelosi. Also tells the same lies. Coincidence??

— Merle (@MerlePearl) September 30, 2012

Clearly David Plouffe was NOT comfortable talking about Benghazi on #MTP. I wonder why?

— The Haus of Fred (@HausofFred) September 30, 2012

Yeah, wonder why?

The line of BS Plouffe is trying to feed us is laughable. If it took that long to figure out it was terrorism we are screwed. #MTP

— Kelly Eull (@keull) September 30, 2012

Bingo. It was “self-evident” that it was a planned act of terrorism to everyone with a functioning brain. Evidently, Obama and his administration didn’t realize that Americans do have functioning brains. They think you are stupid, you see. And they are relying on media collusion to continue to treat you as such.

Let’s show them how smart we actually are in November.

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