Need A Last-Minute Halloween Costume? Check Out These Simple Mask Ideas.

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We all know how it goes. You start the Halloween season with high hopes of crafting a costume that will blow everyone away. You carry the image of it in your head. You tell yourself that this will be the weekend when you finally get to the store to put your masterpiece together.  

This never happens as planned, because you have those obnoxious responsibilities that get in the way. Pretty soon, there are less than ten days till Halloween and you still have nothing. Your options are to run to one of those pop-up Halloween stores and try to find something amid the wreckage. Or, you have to be that person who shows up with no costume except for your sheepish excuses.

…but not anymore. Do you have some cardboard? What about tape and scissors? Then you’re set.

The Skull mask

This looks complex, but you can make this yourself.



Designer Steve Wintercroft created a series of mask templates available for immediate download. The templates are purchased and downloaded, then printed on regular paper. The paper is then glued to thin cardboard (like a cereal box), cut out, and taped together as per the instructions. The masks are inexpensive, running at £4.50, or about $7.25 USD. You can choose from a variety of animals, including a bear, a fox, a cat, a pig, and an owl. You can also choose from a skull, a Stormtrooper, a pumpkin, and a pretty unnerving human. Because the patterns are simply printed out, the masks can be decorated in any way you like. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, the masks can take anywhere from one to four hours to complete.

With a simple, one-color paint job and the right outfit on, these geometric masks can turn your getup into a striking costume. They’re also simple enough to put together that they can be a good family project if you’re trying to deck out several people.

Hopefully these masks help you in your Halloween costume quest. After all, if you can’t spare 1 to 4 hours to put together a Halloween mask, you probably don’t have time for Halloween in the first place.

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