Nothing Would Stop Them From Getting Married. Not Even Death.

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When Andre Timberlake-Evans realized he was having health issues, he proposed to his loving girlfriend Maria. They planned to get married in Sicily within a year.

But then, his health took a severe turn for the worse.

Andre was shocked to learn he had incurable brain cancer. He didn’t waste any time marrying the love of his life.

Only 2 weeks after the diagnosis, he married Maria, his long-time partner. “I am going to treasure every moment with my lovely new wife.”

Andre first went to the doctor when he was messing up his words and had trouble hearing. They thought he just had a benign brain tumor. Instead, doctors discovered he had a Grade Four glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of brain tumor.

It’s never too late to appreciate the ones you love. Do it before they’re gone.

“I’m just thinking we are going to have a bit more time together – and we are just going to enjoy each day as it comes.”

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