Notice Anything About The Stuff Surrounding This Girl? Enter Her World And Take A Closer Look.

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Redditor NicoleMary27 shared these incredibly unique photos that are the works of her friend Zoey. Zoey has an affinity for making things out of cardboard, inserting herself into amazing worlds she creates before her photographer boyfriend, David, snaps the pictures. Together they go by the name Dosshaus. Below are 8 pictures of her cardboard creations and each piece’s title name.

The writer’s room.

Coming to focus.

A pause.

After her show.

A cinema machine.

In the night theater.

The unexpected luncheon.

The artist and photographer behind this incredible cardboard world.

How awesome is that? I bet she could make a killer fort! You can find more of Zoey’s work on her DeviantArt page, her Tumblr or the couple’s own website. Source: Reddit Share this cardboard world with your friends below.

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