Oops: Super genius Bill Maher tweets phone number to 1.5 million followers


If you’ve always wanted to give Bill Maher a piece of your mind, today might be your chance. The comedian pulled a Lance Armstrong and apparently tweeted his cell number to nearly 1.5 million followers.

Pretty sure @billmaher just tweeted his phone number! :O I hope he doesn't get harassed, although I'm sure it's too late to hope for that.

— Dani (@DekuDani) September 29, 2012

Bad news @BillMaher: You posted a DM of your phone number on Twitter. Good news @BillMaher: At least it wasn't pics of your Anthony Weiner.

— Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) September 29, 2012


Bill Maher's voicemail is full now, but luckily I got one in there where I said "what's up buddy" and then started coughing

— Löwenäffchen (@Lowenaffchen) September 29, 2012

just texted bill maher asking him for locks of his gross wiry hair

— Mike E (@mikey_oops) September 29, 2012

Guys I just texted Bill Maher and I said Romney 2012 and I think I’ll be in the CIA system shortly because of it @mattorr

— Coard Miller (@coard) September 29, 2012

Just to put you people in your place: you might know the difference between a tweet and a direct message, but Maher still thinks you’re stupid.

@BreitbartNews mt Bill Maher Scared American People Too Stupid Understand Debates: #OHIO 4 @MittRomney http://t.co/MhDkHE7q

— Patricia (@porcelain10) September 29, 2012

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