Pumpkins Are Out. Autumn 2014 Is All About Decorating Funky Gourds.

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Pumpkins get so much love in the fall. Pumpkin spice this, pumpkin ale that, it’s like pumpkins are the only Cucurbitaceae on this planet. This is a family of plants that include pumpkins, squash and gourds (yet we only give pumpkins love each fall). When you’re putting out your autumn spread, do you rely only on boring old pumpkins? …I thought so.

Eating pumpkin-flavored dishes may be wonderful, but it’s about time you realize how charming gourds can be. Here are some of the cutest, coolest and craziest gourds we can find:

Some of these gourds look like horseshoe crabs.

I feel like I could drink a tropical cocktail in this gourd.


Peacock Gourd.


Seashell Gourd.

One chill raddish.

Gourd Goose.

Deep Sea Gourd.

Kenny Gourd.

Snake Gourd.

Two lover gourds embracing.

Spaceship Gourd.

Web Gourd.

Lamp Gourd.

This gourd isn’t that bummed about losing his stem.

Bunch’o weirdos.


Ghost Pumpkin.

Beautiful stem.

Bird Gourd.

See? It’s not all about pumpkins. Gourds can be just as beautiful on your table at Thanksgiving. Plus, they’re probably WAY cheaper than pumpkins this time of year.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/weird-gourds/

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