Seeing A Duck Outside Your Apartment Is Nothing Special. But What Happened Next Definitely Is.

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Redditor CriticalFumble spotted this duck outside his apartment window a few months ago, and what was to happen over the next few months was quite amazing. Best of all, he managed to document it all with these awesome photos!

A view of the mother duck on the nest.

Eyeing the bread…

Got it!

Om nom nom!

“I think I was having more fun than the duck.”

“Got a peek at the eggs.”

“My cat wondering what’s going on.”

They hatched!!!

Protective mother duck.

Going on an adventure.

So cute.

Quick bath pit stop.

“Closest I was willing to get.”

Off into the world.

Single file now.

We wish them all well!

One thing’s for sure, it looks like she has all her ducks in a row… Sorry, that pun was fowl, a real load of quack.   Source: Share this with your friends if you think they can handle that much cute!

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