She Was Trapped And Starving, But Watch What Happened When They Showed Up

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When brothers Dan and Bret Friend traveled to Payette National Forest in Idaho for a family reunion, they were excited to visit a secret cave they thought nobody else knew about.

But when they arrived, something didn’t feel right. As they approached the entrance of the cave, they heard whimpering sounds and quickly realized that there was a dog trapped at the bottom. They knew they had to do something to help, so the heroes gathered their family members together and sprung into action.

I’m so glad they showed up when they did.

Tinker the hound was being trained to hunt bears when she fell into the hole, making it impossible for her trainer to find her. The poor thing had been trapped down there for two weeks and was starving, only surviving by licking up the condensation that formed on the cave’s walls.

This is amazing.

After being reunited with her grateful owner, Tinker got a nice steak dinner and enjoyed every single bite. I bet you never thought you’d be thankful for a family reunion, huh?

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