So A Hedgehog Had To Get Anesthesia… And It’s By Far The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

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Before he could get his mouth examined, Benny the hedgehog needed some anesthesia. To ensure that he would inhale the gas, he was placed inside of a plastic chamber. If that conjures a troubling image, you’re not alone, but it’s actually quite cute. Benny looks so adorable when he’s resting in peace–wait, that made it sound even worse. It’s cute, really! Take a look!

1. Benny on the scale.

2. See you on the other side, man.

3. “I don’t think the anesthesia is work…”

4. “…”

5. The veterinarian proceeds with the oral exam.

6. Time to recover with some oxygen.

7. A little drowsy, but he made it. Way to go, Benny!

(via: Imgur) Told you it was cute! You can’t say that about many medical procedures. Share this post using the button below.

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