Tech Then VS Tech Now. It’s Amazing How Far We’ve Come (And How Far We’ll Go).

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Technology doesn’t seem to be progressing much if you look at it year by year. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 6 isn’t exactly wowing anyone. Yet just a few short years ago, having a camera on your phone was CRAZY. Now, it’s expected to be on every new phone (even though I only use it for bathroom selfies).

Here is a comparison of technology from decades past and the same technology now. Oh, how far we have come!

1.) An empty bucket with a hose VS a Dyson.

2.) A carpet-heating Atari VS a Playstation 4.

3.) A brick cell phone VS an iPhone.

4.) This square Walkman VS an iPod.

5.) An oddly colored Frigidaire VS a new, stainless steel GE.

6.) A washing machine bucket VS a new washing machine.

7.) An odd Sketch Pad VS an iPad.

8.) A clunky Apple laptop VS a MacBook Air.

9.) A camcorder VS a Flip camera.

10.) Internet CDs VS wireless Internet.

11.) Almost-prehistoric televisions VS flat screen televisions.

12.) An oversized VCR VS a DVR.

I was just thinking about how many cool things kids have to play with now. I remember being bored a lot as a kid, and I even had cable TV. What did my dad even do? Catch bees in mason jars?

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