Thanks To This New Invention, Your Next Slow-Cooker Meal Could Help The Planet

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If you’ve been keeping up with climate-related news, you know that Germany has really raised the bar for what it means to make sustainability a way of life from the ground up. True to form, German designer May Kukula has developed a kitchen gadget that will help people cut down on their energy consumption while making their favorite meals.

If you’re a fellow lover of the almighty slow-cooker, you know that the best thing about using it is that you can throw in your ingredients, set the temperature, and not think about it for the rest of the day.

What you’re left with by the time dinner rolls around is a great, low-maintenance meal. The only problem is that while you’re not thinking about it, your slow-cooker is using a ton of energy.

That’s where Kukula’s Hot Pot comes in. The idea was born when the designer started thinking about ways to incorporate sustainable practices into people’s daily routines.

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To use the Hot Pot, all you have to do is pile your ingredients into the cast-iron pot, just like you would in your slow-cooker.

Bring the food up to the appropriate temperature on the stovetop, remove it from the burner, and place the entire thing into the cork portion of the device.

Cover the whole thing up with the cork lid and let it hang out in the Hot Pot. The powerful insulating properties of cork help food maintain the proper temperature without using any energy.

The designer suggests boiling the ingredients on high for a third of the original time, and then keeping it in the Hot Pot for twice as long as you would in a normal slow-cooker.

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While cooking with Kukula’s Hot Pot might take longer than doing it the old-fashioned way, it’s important that we all start rethinking the ways in which we go about daily life. The health of our planet depends on it.

To learn more about the device, you can check out this press release. For more on May Kukula, visit her website.

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