The Moment The Winter Sun Set On This Town For The First Time EVER. This Is Beautiful.

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There are places on earth that don’t see the sunlight for months at a time. They aren’t full of vampires but they are filled with villagers with seasonal depression. That’s why the town of Rjukan in Norway decided to build something a little crazy to solve their issues: a giant mirror.

It sounds like an episode of the Simpsons, but they did it.

Between September and March, the town receives no sunlight. It’s so far down in the valley, the light just can’t reach it.

That’s why the townsfolk decided to install giant mirrors called “heliostats.”

The mirrors would track the sunlight and reflect it down into the town square.

“It is really special to stand in the light down on the square and feel the heat. This is for the pale little children of Rjukan.”

It took five years to decide on building the mirrors, but now the Norwegian town hopes that their lives will be revitalized during the winter.

This town isn’t the first to try the trick. Losing sun for most of the year has motivated many towns across the globe to come up with similar solutions.

A Rjukan tourist website states: “The square will become a sunny meeting place in a town otherwise in shadow.”

Now, the town square is full of sunshine and happiness for a few hours during the day. Priceless.


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