The Places This Guy Discovered Will Beautifully Haunt Your Dreams. He Has The Photos To Prove It.

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Photographer Niki Feijen has an amazing eye for the unbelievable. Especially as he takes photos that seem to be too real. You know, the ones where there is more than what initially meets the eye and have a depth lying under the surface you can’t quite identify? Well, Niki recently wandered into an abandoned town, formerly home to over 50,000 people, and showed us just what the end of the world might look. From abandoned homes, churches, and even an amusement park, the results are terrifyingly interesting.

If you’re like me, you never, EVER, want to visit that place. Seeing the abandoned places stretching as far as I can see, walking through the remains of people long lost, would seriously haunt my dreams. Thankfully, Niki has showed us without us ever needing to go. Source: Imgur via Reddit If you thought these were just as creepy as me, tell your friends about it below.

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