Their Boys Loved Minecraft, So They Created This Oversized Block For Their Room

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When Redditor bradwarm‘s twin boys turned seven, the devoted dad wanted to do something special.

While he could have just gotten them a cool gift or taken them to an amusement park, he instead opted for something they could enjoy for years to come. His sons loved Minecraft, so bradwarm made over their bedroom with a block theme to match!

Starting with a four-by-four piece of plywood, he measured out three-inch squares.

Using two-by-fours, he built out a frame that would encase the Minecraft box.

Then he cut out select blocks using a jigsaw.

The box was ready to be assembled, but there was still work to do!

After deciding to use four different shades of gray, bradwarm numbered each box according to its designated color and began filling them in.

This was understandably pretty time-consuming.

He used a staple gun to secure frosted plastic sheeting to each cutout.

About 32 feet of rope lights were woven around the box.

The back side of the box was covered with metallic spray paint to reflect the lighting from the LEDs.

Finally, he nailed the back to the front and hung it up.

Looks pretty cool, if you ask me!

The best part? The lights change!

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