These 13 Unconventional Uses For Sliced Bread Prove That Carbs Aren’t All Bad

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Americans consume an estimated 53 pounds of bread a year. This fact alone is enough to send anyone into a carbo-rich coma.

White bread has a bad reputation as being one of the worst carb-rich foods you can but in your body. …but what if I told you that when it comes to life hacks, this carb is secretly a Wonder Bread? You can use bread as more than just an edible purse for your favorite lunch meats;there are many unconventional uses for sliced bread.

And if you’re me, you end up throwing away more bread than you consume, so why not stop throwing away your hard-earned cash and repurposing your yeasty treats. Here are 13 unusual uses for sliced bread that are sure to send you running to your nearest grocery store or bakery.

1. Sliced bread can cut down on tear production while chopping up onions.

All you need to do is stick half a piece of bread in your mouth, allowing the other half to absorbed the gases released into the air when cutting your onions.

2. Clean Your Coffee Grinder


Tossing a few stale chunks of bread into your coffee grinder will help clean out the coffee grinds from every nook and cranny.

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3. Pick Up Small Shards Of Glass


Sliced bread is like a sponge, in that it can absorb anything, including small chunks of broken glass.

4. Revitalize Marshmallows


Adding a slice of bread to your stale marshmallows will breath new life into this s’mores staple.

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5. Remove A Splinter


Cover a splinter with a wet slice of bread to soften the skin surrounding the splinter. This tip works best if you use a handkerchief or towel to wrap around the damp bread.

6. Soften Brown Sugar


If you’re not careful, a bag of brown sugar can turn into a a clumpy mess in a matter of days. Microwaving the sugar with a slice of bread will allow the sugar to absorb moisture from the bread, thus de-clumping it.

7. Remove Unwanted Odors


Foods such as brussels sprouts have quite a potent smell. Cooking the veggies in a pot with a slice of bread will help cut down on the stench.

8. Remove Unwanted Grease From Your Stove Top


Once again, our porous bread can be used to sop up accidental grease spills in your kitchen.

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9. Skim Away Fat From Soup


There’s nothing worse than a pile of fat sitting atop your favorite soup. Float a piece on bread in the pot and watch as it absorbs the fat.

10. Remove The Burnt Taste From Foods.


Leaving a pot of rice on the stove for too long can cause the rice to have a nasty, burnt aftertaste. To avoid this, add a slice of bread to the pot and continue to cook the rice until much of the smell has been absorbed. No burnt smell equals no burnt taste.

11. Clean Oil-Based Painting


Gently rubbing a piece of bread across an oil painting will quickly remove any unwanted dirt and grime.

12. Protect Your Leftover Birthday Cake


Affix a slice of bread to the cut sides of a slice of cake to eliminate the cake becoming too dry.

13. Remove Dirty Fingerprints


Cut off the crust from a slice of stale bread and rub onto your wallpapered walls to wash away greasy fingerprints.

Now I totally get why Oprah loves bread so much.

(Via Greatist)

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