These Bizarre Apple Products Prove Apple Wasn’t So Cool In The 80’s.

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Apple is arguably the hippest company around today. (You won’t find a 20-or-30 something without an Apple product.) Even “That 70’s Show” cool-guy, Ashton Kutcher, failed to accurately represent how cool Steve Jobs was before his passing. However, there was a time in the 80’s where it seemed Apple wanted to be cool, but was…well, trying a little too hard.

Here are some weird Apple products that probably makes them cringe like you do when you look at old high school photos. Why did they try to sell this stuff?

1.) Apple Jean Jacket

2.) Apple Wine Glass

3.) Apple Earrings

4.) Apple Swiss Army Knife

5.) Apple Paper Clip

6.) Apple Baseball Cap (‘Top Dog’? More like kick ass!)

7.) The iSurfboard

8.) Apple Pittsburgh Pirates Scarf

9.) The iDecanter

10.) The iToy Truck

11.) Apple Playing Cards

12.) Apple Seat Cushion (for stadiums)

13.) The iDesk

14.) The Apple-Braun iCalculator

15.) Apple Adidas (Look at those hot mommas!)

16.) Apple Children’s Clothing

I think its safe to say that Apple jean jacket is probably the nerdiest jean jacket in the history of jean jackets. (But, in my heart of hearts, I so want one!) If you miss the 80’s, give this a share on Facebook.

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