These Dads Never Wanted Dogs, But They Soon Learned That They Were Total Suckers

Dads around the world have a couple of things in common. They love their kids, they get a kick out of being embarrassing, and they definitely don’t want dogs.

Is there some secret dad club that tells fathers to oppose four-legged friends? I thought my dad was the only one who said he didn’t want to get a dog, only to end up snuggling with it on the couch daily. As it turns out, he’s not alone! These 21 dads claimed to not want a pup at all, but they soon found out why it’s said that a dog is man’s best friend.

1. Dads may try to make us believe that they’re against dogs, but once one moves in…

2. …they become the best of friends in no time.

3. You see, as soon as a dad gets down on a pup’s level, they completely fall in love.

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