These People Saw A Deer Swimming In The Middle Of The Lake. So They Rescued It.

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What’s that old saying about not interfering with wild animals? “You’ve got to let nature take it’s course.” Sometimes, though, it’s just not that easy. It’s human instinct to step in and make a difference when a creature is struggling.

That’s exactly what this group of friends did when they saw a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in a deep lake. Reddit user IUsuallyDoWhatIWant describes what happened:

“While searching for some deep fishing holes we saw in the distance, what appeared to be a deer swimming in the lake. Upon closer inspection we discovered a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in 6-7 ft waters. It was clearly near drowning and we knew it wouldn’t last much longer on its own. We decided to step in.” 

Of course they documented the whole thing. Just check out these pictures. They’re amazing. 

See that little blip? That’s the baby deer.

Getting closer.

The poor thing must have been out there for hours.

It looks exhausted.

Trying to get closer.

I wonder how it got in the lake in the first place.

Pulling along side the baby deer.

At this point the deer was near complete exhaustion.

Casting a rope.

No luck with the first try.

There we go. Getting closer.

Anymore time out in the water, and the baby deer probably would have succumbed to exhaustion.


Pulling the deer into the boat.

Clearly exhausted from everything happening.

Trying to dry it off.

Just thankful to be alive.

Remarkably calm, but it was probably too exhausted to do much except lie there.

Warming up, and drying off.

Soaked to the bone.

The Reddit user said that when they got out on the lake there were two baby deer in the lake.

Sadly, the other succumbed to exhaustion before they could get to it.

That face.

Bringing the baby deer back to shore.

Good samaritans.

When the deer got back to land it couldn’t walk at first.

So they carried it as close as they could to the forest.

That’s when it went and hid under one of the cars to rest up.

Here it is under the car resting up. Not long after, it came out and scampered back into the woods.

(H/T: Reddit)

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