These Terrible Album Covers Make Us Happy That Music Is Now A Digital Medium.

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Making an album is hard enough, but marketing that album is another thing entirely for a musician. The music may be fantastic, but if it’s wrapped in a steaming pile of cover-garbage, it’s not going to sell.

If there’s one thing that can be taken away this list of terrible album covers, it’s that musicians don’t all have an eye for graphic design.

Man, this planet looks like everyone forgot his birthday.

This album cover would only be bad if Foster Edwards’ orchestra doesn’t actually include a backing band of two elephants with heads lush with human hair.

The title of this album should actually be “Demon Rafiki with Vulture Fingers.” Much more accurate.

“You simply cannot play the guitar if both of your hands are guitars, Ted.” “Talk to the loin cloth, Doc!”

I imagine this guy goes by ‘Gutty’ but his mom named him ‘Trevor’ before he started hanging out with The Handsome Beasts and appearing in their humiliating album covers.

Part of ole Swamp Dogg’s three album suite, including ‘Rat Now!’, ‘Rat There!’ and ‘Rat Way!’

If you thought this was a male lobster-monster, you are wrong. The high-heeled shoes proves this is in fact a LADY lobster-monster.

Weirdest season of the “The Bachelor” ever.

I bet this seemed like a good idea for an album cover until they actually cooked a live baby chicken and bummed everyone out.

I mean, did we expect a band who named themselves ‘Boned’ to be subtle.

I feel like this could also be the movie poster to any recent Nicholas Cage movie.

I like how Millie Jackson probably hired a set designer to clean the bathroom and a costume designer for the dress, and neither of them was like, “Yeah no, this is a terrible idea.”

Great, well now I know what a Kirk Cameron puppet baby would look like. Goodbye restful night sleep!

What’s your favorite facet of Roger? Mine is the bottom center when he briefly forgets where he is and why he’s wearing a sequin blouse.

Pantera unveils its own addition to the cast of dumpy Thundercats.

Swamp Dogg is back, baby! And this time he’s bringing blown-up pictures of his own mouth and a hyper non-sensical album title!

They say you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, but luckily they never said the same about albums and we can all go about our lives, never hearing the probably awful, “Boned” album.

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