These Topiary Creations Will Make Your Green Thumb Start To Itch.

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Gardening gets a bad rap as a tedious, boring recreation usually preferred by those entering their retirement phase of life. But the beauty of nature is something that should be appreciated by everyone! And these examples top notch topiary will convince you that there’s more to gardening than sunhats and weed pulling. 

Take a look at these impressive landscape sculptures!

1.) Sleepy Bird

2.) Mater from Cars

3.) Phineas and Ferb

4.) Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

5.) Captain Hook from Peter Pan

6.) Winnie the Pooh

7.) Timon from The Lion King

8.) Simba and Rafiki from The Lion King

9.) Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggie

10.) Pumbaa from The Lion King

11.) Floral crown for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

12.) “Kindness of Heart”

13.) Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast

14.) Butterfly

15.) Flowers in Vase

16.) Jazz Band

17.) Grandfather Clock

18.) Big Piggies

19.) Tortoro

20.) Cobra Snake

21.) Silly Face

22.) Garden Goddess

23.) The Beatles

24.) Formula 1 Race Car

25.) Rock Sign

26.) Dragon

27.) Caterpillar

28.) Floating Bird

29.) Elephant Family

30.) Thirsty Bear

(H/T: Laughing Squid.)

So very few people know the importance of a good shrubbery nowadays. I’m suddenly in the mood to watch Edward Scissorhands… and call a gardener!  

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