These Vintage Ads Prove Just How Far Technology Has Come… WOW.

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You know how your grandpa talks about how they don’t make things like they used to? Well, he is absolutely right. With our technological advances, these ads for these products make the people of the 1960’s look like cavemen.

It’s hard to believe that some of these products were cutting-edge in their time. WOW: 

1.) I’m sure that car is worth a ton of money now.

2.) Does anyone even have a radio anymore?

3.) Look at that space aged refrigerator!

4.) I can’t think of a better way to listen to music.

5.) I can’t even get a pack of gum for $1.69 nowadays!

6.) Back when smoking wasn’t unhealthy.

7.) She can do it all!

8.) This was a flat screen back then.

9.) Those look like some quality products.

10.) Okay, I’m going to be real…I kind of want that motorcycle.

Man, I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and get some of those. Share this post if you remember seeing or even using some of these products.

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