They Were Filming Their Daughter When This Tiger Wanted In On The Action

Kids always have a great time when they take a trip to the zoo, but this little girl’s experience was made extra special by one funny tiger.

While visiting Louisiana State University, three-year old Taylor Piper got to meet Mike VII, the school’s newest mascot. The Bengal tiger had just arrived on campus on August 15 after being donated to the school from a Florida sanctuary, and Taylor was among the first to check him out in his habitat.

When her parents started recording her, it was clear that Mike VII was very interested in the girl. “He kind of took to her pretty quickly,” her dad, Shawn, said. “She would run around the whole enclosure, and everywhere she went he would follow her.”

He also pawed at the glass separating them. Along with swimming in his pool, this has become his new favorite pastime when people come to visit.

Taylor loved it as well and had a blast ‘playing’ with her new friend.

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