Things Are So Bad At This Walmart That People Are Afraid To Take Their Kids Inside

Taking your children shopping is a fairly typical activity, and for many, it’s a necessary one.

Sometimes there isn’t anyone around to watch the kids, leaving you with no choice but to run to the store with your little ones in tow. But for parents in Dequeen, Arkansas, going shopping now comes with a lot of anxiety, because several attempted abductions have occurred at the local Walmart.

Tamra Welch Nowell recently went to the Walmart, where she was approached by a man and a woman. They first played with her young daughter, then tried to take her from Nowell’s arms.

Nowell reported the incident to security, and she was told it would be fully investigated immediately.

Nowell also took to Facebook to warn others about the danger, and some came forward with similar incidents.

In fact, three separate cases of attempted abduction have been reported at the same Walmart in a matter of weeks. Police have investigated, and they believe the incidents are unrelated to one another.

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