This Cat Would Be Dead If It Didn’t Get Super Drunk On Vodka. Crazy, But True.

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Missey the cat fell terribly ill after she was doused in anti-freeze by heartless tormentors. Her owners, Paul Stephenson and his daughter, Sara, realized something bad happened to their beloved pet and rushed Missey to the local animal hospital. The Stephensons were relieved once their cat was in the hands of learned veterinarians of White Cross Animal Hospital. But this relief soon evaporated once they discovered that their Missey would be given an IV drip of vodka.  

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Luckily, the veterinarians knew exactly what they were doing. While it might seem quite strange to use something many of us have cursed the existence of after a long night, it can actually be a great help when treating an animal that ingested anti-freeze. The ethanol in vodka helps neutralize the threat anti-freeze poses to kidneys like the doctors said it would. Missey eventually made a full recovery.

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Alright, Missey! While I’m sure the effects of the vodka wore off by now, here’s hoping that she can remain in good spirits.

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