This Iguana Completely Lost It When He Saw A Stuffed Toy…Jeez!

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I’ve never really had much experience with reptiles, so I couldn’t tell you a whole lot about iguanas.

I’ve always thought that they were relaxed, calm critters — that is, until I saw how easy it is to provoke them into a murderous rage. Take this angry lizard, for example.

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When introduced to a stuffed version of himself, he was NOT impressed, to say the least. He was so upset by what he saw, in fact, that he went totally nuts on the thing.

Well, I’m never messing with one of these guys.

Apparently, male iguanas are territorial creatures, so they can become very aggressive at times, especially if they spot a female during their mating season.

Some people who own them actually use these toys to help them burn off that built-up aggression so they don’t attack.

I guess it’s better to destroy a toy rather than someone’s hand, right? Don’t worry, buddy, I’d be running too.

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