This Is An Actual Portrait Of Bobby Jindal That Hangs In His Office

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It’s not his official portrait, but people have a lot to say about it.

1. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is a possible Republican contender for the presidency in 2016 and one of the most high profile Indian-Americans in U.S. politics.

Gage Skidmore / Via

2. Here is a portrait of Governor Jindal that has hung in the lobby of his office since 2008.

3. The painting is not an official portrait but was instead painted by a constituent.

Robin May

Gage Skidmore


4. Mistakenly believing this to be his official portrait, people on Twitter had a lot to say.

@CenLamar @Peacepox @theInd This portrait has been “white” washed! What happened to his proud Indian heritage?

— sbca80 (@C. I. C.)

.@grimcity @CenLamar @theInd You sure thats not the dad from Modern Family?

— jeremynewberger (@Jeremy spoke in…)

@CenLamar @theInd Rick Santorum looks mighty disheveled these days.

— CrassLauren (@CrassLauren)

@nycsouthpaw He has a halo thing going on. Part’s on the wrong side. Half-grin missing. Did someone pay for this? In Confederate bills?

— LarkinWarren (@Larkin Warren)

@gregorg @mlse “Hi, I’m Rob Lowe.” “And I’m Indian Rob Lowe.”

— markinvictoria (@Mark In Victoria)

@DianneG @LoganJames @TheInd Painting done by the guys who did the casting for Exodus.

— allenwallace (@Allen Wallace)

12. To clarify the confusion, Jindal’s chief of staff Kyle Plotkin tweeted the Governor’s official portrait and accused the man who posted it on Twitter on Tuesday of “race-baiting.”

Hey @CenLamar-that’s not the official portrait. Constituent loaned it.This 1’s official. Thx 4 ur race-baiting tweet

— kjplotkin (@Kyle Plotkin)

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