This Photographer Puts Superhero Toys Into Very Rude Poses


In Edy Hardjo’s world, not even Thor or Wolverine can stop themselves from checking out The Hulk’s junk while taking a whizz.

1. Edy Hardjo is an Indonesian photographer who has created a series of pictures featuring the action figure toys of Marvel and DC Comics superheroes.

His pictures show the likes of The Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man in a variety of funny, rude, awkward, and just everyday situations.

2. Here, Thor, The Joker, Wolverine and Spidey can’t help but check out The Hulk’s green monster while taking a pee.

Maybe even ripped, powerful superheroes have penis envy.

3. Hulk, Wolverine and Nick Fury put on a saucy show for Black Widow and Catwoman as a curiously coy Tony Stark sits it out.

4. Meanwhile, Black Widow helps Hulk manscape his under-arm hair.

5. Naturally, Batman is the cool kid that all the others — even Tony Stark/Iron Man — want to sit with in the canteen.

6. Thrifty Hulk goes through so many trousers that it’s only economical to learn how to sew them back up.

7. Is there no end to the man’s talents?

“So, going anywhere nice on your holidays?”

8. Nobody ever wants to use the john after Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider.

9. Seriously, that dude is nasty.

10. Finally, who isn’t afraid of a mouse?

Nothing to be ashamed of guys.

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