Unless They Can Pay $30,000 A Month, Their Baby Will Never Live A Normal Life

Imagine having to pay what, for some, is an entire year’s salary every month just to keep your baby alive.

That’s the dilemma facing the Bekte family in Turkey, who are hard-working but far from wealthy. Their son, Yagiz, looks to outsiders like a child who has eaten way too much and who is much older than 18 months. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and his medical condition is so rare that the Bektes are reaching out directly to the president of Turkey to get help.

Yagiz was born with a leptin deficiency. Leptin is the hormone in the body that regulates metabolism and weight.

The treatments for the illness wind up costing about $30,000 per month, and no local health services are willing to help the family out.

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Yagiz’s parents are often chided for feeding him too much, which just isn’t the problem. The leptin deficiency has stolen his ability to run and play, and no matter what he consumes, he gains weight.

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