Watch Where You’re Sitting…That Chair May Have Lame On It! Check Out These Awesome Ones Instead.

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We tend to sit a lot these days (which may just kill us). We sit at work. We sit while we commute to and from work. We even sit at home. If we’re sitting all the time, why do we insist on sitting on chairs that look boring and old? Here are some awesome chairs you can sit on that will ask, “How do YOU define a chair?” 

You’ll want all of these epic thrones.

1.) The Workstation From The Future.

2.) Cartoon Chair (Blue’s Clues, anyone?).

3.) Pizza Bag.

4.) Bookshelf Chair.

5.) Boxing Glove Chair.

6.) Skate Chair.

7.) Frank Lloyd Wright Chair.

8.) The Ultra Portable Stool.

9.) Backpack Chair.

10.) Golden Chair.

11.) Twin Eastern Chairs.

12.) Bridal Chair.

13.) Wooden Fold-Up Chair.

14.) Basket Chairs.

15.) Hammock Chair.

16.) Curved Wooden Chair.

17.) Cobra Chair.

18.) Ball Chair.

19.) Skull Chair.

20.) Bear Bag Chair.

21.) Scorpion Throne.

Now go find a cooler place to put your tush. I’m going to find the matching furniture pieces to the pizza bean bag and order some Papa Johns.

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