What This Family Put In Their Backyard Will Make You Extremely Jealous. I Am.

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Think your family is cool because you have a pool? Well, these people in England have you beat. I’m not saying a pool is lame, but when you see what this English family did in their backyard, you’ll be jealous, too.

The Betts? Yeah, they bought a water slide.


They found an old amusement park water slide for sale… and it was listed only at $81.60. (If your water slide was cheaper than that, maybe you should keep it to yourself, because you’re probably wanted by the law.) The Betts set it up in their back yard. We have a feeling they’re now the most popular family on the block.

The slide in its old home, the Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre.


When Paul Betts noticed the slide being dismantled, he just knew he had to have it. And have it he did.


So far, about half of the water slide has been installed in the Betts’ backyard.

Geoff Robinson

It’s like a member of the family. Albeit, a giant one.

Geoff Robinson

(via BuzzFeed)

Wow. That looks awesome! Now all I need is an invite to come use the thing. C’mon, Betts family, let me come over. I’ll bring snacks! Please.

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