When They Built This For Their Son, They Redefined The Words ‘Awesome Parents’

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If you are a fan of searching the internet for cool DIY ideas, then chances are you’ve seen some pretty amazing things that parents have made for their little ones.

But Redditor Missilluzion and her husband really outdid themselves when they spent a year building an adorable playhouse for their three-year-old son. If your kids love castles, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

They used two-by-fours to build the castle’s frame.

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Then they added particleboard for the walls, cutting out the windows and turrets with a circular saw. The second floor needed to be sturdy, so they reinforced it with heavier boards.

Stick-on tiles gave a nice texture to the outside.

The dedicated parents even painted and stained the inside, even though I’m pretty sure the little guy would’ve been cool with a more rustic look.

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Then they built a wrap-around staircase for easy access to the second floor.

No kid’s castle is complete without a slide.

The fabric trim and dark stain on the slide brought a surprising amount of sophistication to the playhouse.

Nobody likes stubbed toes or splinters, so Mom cut up a cheap rug and stapled pieces to the stairs.

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The last step was to personalize it with handmade curtains and their family crests. It looks amazing!

The top floor is so cozy for reading.

And not only is the inside of the bottom floor gorgeous, but it also has a mounted iPad that the little prince can use to watch Netflix.

If you’re as jealous as I am and want to give the project a go, you can find the full details in this post. I want my own castle so badly.

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