Whoever Took These 29 Photos Is A Timing Genius. This Shouldn’t Be Possible.

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Timing is everything in life, but it’s even more important for taking photos. Sure, there have been perfect pictures taken before… but these may take the cake! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most importantly you’ll be in awe of how someone’s camera captured the perfect moment in just a fraction of a second. 


1.) The first lesson: don’t stand on your roof during lightning storms.

2.) No one looks good before getting hit in the face. No one.

3.) Bear noms!

4.) Wait, I mustache you a question!

5.) How is this anything but what it looks like?

6.) This is equally cool and nightmarish.

7.) Some statues will do anything for attention.

8.) Now Jesus, quit playing with those airplanes.

9.) Smile for the camera, baby!

10.) Is this a chef… or a ninja?

11.) Oh, you know, just doing some grocery hunting.

12.) What a copy cat.

13.) Man, that guy’s on FIRE.

14.) Go home babies, you’re drunk.

15.) It’s flamingoes all the way down.


17.) A giraffe’s favorite food is an airplane.

18.) Chaos: it’s dad’s second nature.

19.) Aww, she has a little pet human!

20.) He’s gonna feel that in about 0.25 seconds.

21.) Hey, a little to the right, guys.

22.) Note: the girl behind him is totally laughing.

23.) It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… a dolphin made out of birds!?

24.) Can YOUR dog fly?

25.) And I thought LeBron James was king.

26.) This is perfectly imperfect.

27.) Why doesn’t this happen when I fly Southwest?

28.) This is what a “one in a million” shot looks like.

29.) Peek-a-boo!


The next time your date is annoyed with you always having your phone out, just remind them they never know when magic might happen! … and if they abandon you at the restaurant, at least you’ll still have these perfectly timed pictures.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/absolutely-perfect-timing/

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